With over 400 brands and 7 out of 10 households worldwide containing at least one Unilever product, Unilever are a true multinational.  London is the home to one of their two global headquarters and we are proud to be the preferred webcasting supplier for the London office.  We’ve have worked on over 100 live webcasts for Unilever since 2011,​ both in the UK and abroad, live streaming I​nvestor R​esults, B​rand Announcements and Internal Corporate C​ommunication events.

We create a custom branded webcast player page, manage all aspects of the live streaming, and provide on demand versions for each event.  


 Example of event –


“We have now worked with MOD for a number of years over a range of high profile events.  They are professional, focused and committed to delivering high quality webcasts.  Their knowledgeable technicians have provided us with support both onsite or remotely and even out of hours which is even more important when webcasting abroad.”
Sash Pochibko, Director


AV Production on Unilever events – Sound of Music Ltd